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Maand: februari 2010

Digitalistic: Cushnie & Ochs @ NYFW

Cushnie et Ochs NYF Fall '10. Pics via Fashionologie

If Linda Fargo (buyer for Bergdorf and Goodman, TD) is a fan, then it’s worth keeping an eye on this designerduo I came across on Fashion TV the other day. The two ladies from Cushnie et Ochs describe their designs as sexy and severe. All true, the razorsharp silhouettes are sleek and chic with a lot of peek-a-boo effects.


Things we thought we never should wear (AGAIN)

Fashion is about style. About trends. About expressing ourselves. But fashion is also about making yourself a liar. How often have you said: I will never ever wear that in my life again?! And how often have you caught yourself wearing it a few seasons later? Well, let’s be honest; all the time! Every season, I guess. Leather pants, clogs, pointy shoulders, leggings: we all threw it away and then bought it again! Damn, we are so stupid!


Dutch Fashion (R)Evolution

© Claes Iversen by Ralph Lemarechal

Digitalista K. wrote an article about the Dutch fashion ( R ) Evolution for ModaCYCLE. ‘At the moment, departing from what we have seen during the Amsterdam International Fashionweek, we could classify our Dutch designers in three different categories: the classicists, the modernists and the rebels.’ Find out who they are? Then continue reading!


Three quotes from fashion moguls on: The Future of Fashion has interviewed influential people in fashion about their vision on the future of fashion. The first one was Robert Duffy, ‘the-I-just-discovered-Twitter’ president of Marc Jacobs, the second was Cathy Horyn- the NY Times fashion critic, and the third was designer Hedi Slimane. Here are their quotes that put our toughts on hold for a minute….

Robbert Duffy about his expectations on the launch of the Marc Jacobs e-commerce site in August:

”I really don’t know what to expect. I have absolutely no idea. The only two things I’ve ever bought on the Internet—three things, actually—are a car, a house, and a dog.”

Keep reading for the other quotes by Cathy Horyn and Hedi Slimane!


Digitalistic tunes: Cha-Cha

The girl in the video...

So funny! When the blonde girl in the pink parka from the video still has her geeky glasses on she resembles our Dutch actress/presenter Hannah Verboom. Beside that doppelganger effect, we like the fresh tunes from the band Cha-Cha. Discovered via a fellow blog, RDuJour. And as we like British bands and their cool sense of style…We could ‘ve just ran into these guys at Brick Lane!



Pret-a-portea @ the Berkely. Photo via

The British have an intense relationship with tea. No country where you can find more sorts and flavours of tea, except China and India maybe…And tea in England almost never goes without something sweet.

To make sure fashionistas have their right amount of sugar to run from show to show, the Berkeley Luxury Hotel offers the Pret-a-porTEA.