Givenchy for the lucky bride to be…

One thing is for sure: Lara looks good in 'bride' white

Topmodel Lara Stone is head over heels in love with hubby to be David Walliams, but that little cloud of hapiness didn’t stop her to carefully choose a designer to make her weddingdress.

Ricardo Tisci will have the honors to transform Lara into a radiant bride. Not without reason…Tisci was the first one to believe in Lara and booked her for his Givenchy Couture show when she was already 22. Then things went overboard, and everyone saw the light in Lara. That little model-aura, that Ricardo discovered. The rest is history…

We are very curious to see what kind of dress Ricardo Tisci is going to come up with. Will her marriage to a comedian also mean a little hint of humour in the desgn? It’s also what Ricardo loves most about Lara: “Actually, I think one of the things I love most about Lara is the fact that she hasn’t lost her ability to laugh at herself: She has a very dry, wicked sense of humour.”


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