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Pret-a-portea @ the Berkely. Photo via

The British have an intense relationship with tea. No country where you can find more sorts and flavours of tea, except China and India maybe…And tea in England almost never goes without something sweet.

To make sure fashionistas have their right amount of sugar to run from show to show, the Berkeley Luxury Hotel offers the Pret-a-porTEA. Take a bite of a Burberry trenchcoat (biscuit with rich cinnamon flavours and caramel belt and buttons), or savour a Mulberry Bayswater bag (white chocolate and coconut truffle ‘it’ bag with silver clasp)…

Each day from 13:00 to 18:00.  You can also have your Pret-a-porTEA for 43 pounds. This includes a glass of Laurent Perrier champaign, a selection of sandwiches, and a choice of different teas and infusions. And lazy fashionistas can have it delivered by a stylish Vespa in pistachio green and pale pink!

The Berkeley’s pastry chef, Mourad Khiat, changes his Pret-a-porTEA collection every six months, inspired by the newest collections.

The Berkeley, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London SW1 X 7RL

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