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Things we can't afford, but still want to buy, even it will costs us a lifetime full of sandwiches with peanut butter…

Are we broke yet?!?

We love this gorgeous crocodile tail leather jacket from Balmain. Why are we broke?!?

If we win the lottery some day (and that day will come!!!) we would immediately go to the nearest Balmain boutique and buy everything on the rack. Like this really cute leather jacket with nice shoulderpads and a crocodile tail (!!). Don’t you feel like Crocodile Dundee while wearing it? Well, we do.

Found at Luisa via Roma for ‘just’ € 42.930. Have fun shopping. Or not…


  1. WYC februari 26, 2010

    Luckily, I like peanut butter… now the cash!

  2. lalainestylist maart 1, 2010

    oh my goodness! Beautiful and ridiculous at the same time! I think I’ll stick to a Rick Owens leather number instead.

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