Dutch Fashion (R)Evolution

© Claes Iversen by Ralph Lemarechal

Digitalista K. wrote an article about the Dutch fashion ( R ) Evolution for ModaCYCLE. ‘At the moment, departing from what we have seen during the Amsterdam International Fashionweek, we could classify our Dutch designers in three different categories: the classicists, the modernists and the rebels.’ Find out who they are? Then continue reading!

The Netherlands do not have a distinctive fashion history like for instance France or England. No specific period of time to be defined as an historical fashion statement like the Victorian period or when people wore tight corsets, bombastic dresses and white wigs like the French did under the regency of Louis XIV. We do not have designers that made a difference in costume design like Charles Frederick Worth, Madeleine Vionnet, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Mary Quant or Vivienne Westwood. We just took over the established trends of that moment. And were our ‘national’ couturiers in the 70’s and 80’s like Fong Leng, Edgar Vos and Frans Molenaar ever known abroad? Not really…

Even our Belgian neighbors were more influential in the ‘World of Fashion’ than the Dutch did, but all that is starting to change now. It started with Dutch designers working for famous French and Italian houses or well known brands, sometimes even becoming a head designer (for menswear lines most of the time…) like Lucas Ossendrijver voor Lanvin Men or Paul Helbers for Louis Vuitton Men. But obviously Viktor & Rolf made a real difference for Dutch fashion.

They were the first Dutch designers to establish themselves in all the fashion capitals, and by doing so, they have created opportunities for all the rising Dutch talents of the moment. Here’s an insight on Dutch Fashion ‘du moment’

The whole article can be found here….

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