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Digitalistic tunes: Cha-Cha

The girl in the video...

So funny! When the blonde girl in the pink parka from the video still has her geeky glasses on she resembles our Dutch actress/presenter Hannah Verboom. Beside that doppelganger effect, we like the fresh tunes from the band Cha-Cha. Discovered via a fellow blog, RDuJour. And as we like British bands and their cool sense of style…We could ‘ve just ran into these guys at Brick Lane!

The band: Cha Cha. Photo by Juliette Carter

Check their debut single ‘Phonographic Love’ and the video below: We would like to hear some more from you guys (Alex, Blain and Sam)! More songs on their My Space page:


  1. vbrekkidd80 maart 4, 2010

    I’ll def check them out, sounds like an interesting band

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