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Lara Tornado

© Mercedes Benz

Luckily Lara Stone drives a steady Mercedes SL-Roadster when she gets caught up in heavy weather. For the car brand’s new ad -part of the ‘Icons of Style’-campaign- Lara is lifted in the air by a tornado in the Californian desert, making her look like a modern Mary Poppins wearing her all black Calvin Klein outfit (the director Alex Prager actually intended the ad to look like: “Mary Poppins meets The Wizard of Oz meets James Bond.”)

Lara herself seems comfortable having a car acting as her opponent in the short film: “The difference about modeling with a car as opposed to with another model is that the car doesn’t talk back—which I quite like!” Check the video below.


It’s not brown, it’s not grey…it’s Chanel ‘Particulière’

For some morning inspiration we’ve found this video from Another Magazine featuring a…..nailpolish. Chanel nailpolish to be exact. While the Chanel show is going on in Paris at the moment, this cute stop-motion film made by Quentin Jones (illustrator and animator) mends the little gap until our Chanel show report.


Marion Cotillard in Dior sequel to launch next week

Dior Lady Rouge by Annie Leibovitz

We’re anxiously waiting on the Lady Noire sequel ‘Lady Rouge’. This second short film to introduce the Lady Dior handbag, that is produced by David Lynch and shot in Shanghai, will launch on January 14th.

The music and lyrics for ‘Lady Rouge’ are written by Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand. Marion Cotillard will portray a working woman who transforms into a sultry singer at night appearing from behind a velvet curtain in a New York night club…