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Maand: januari 2010

Last day at the AIFW with Claudia Sträter, Replay and Bibi van der Velden

Bibi van der Velden

Oh no! It’s the last day of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. It costed us lots of coffee breaks, long nights without sleep and big dark circles under our eyes. But what the hell: we had fun! Today it’s day five of the AIFW. And it will end soon after the fashion shows of Claudia Sträter, Replay and Bibi van der Velden.


AIFW today: Club Brilliant and EnD by Eva and Delia

Michael Barnaart van Bergen

Only two days to go and then the Amsterdam International Fashion Week has come to its end. But today it’s only day four with two fashion shows to go this evening. We’re so looking forward to the fashion shows of Club Briliant (featuring Michael Barnaart van Bergen) and EnD by Eva and Delia.


Chifff: In my dreams?

Dream shoes if it's up to Chifff
Dream shoes if it's up to Chifff

I’m a very dreamy person. And unfortunately, not always in a good, cheerful kinda way.  Last week I dreamt the coolest, most vivid dream about my dearest grandfather, who passed away five years ago. Waking up wasn’t exactly pleasant, as you might guess. I was dreaming about riding on two bikes simultaneously. That alone was quite an adventure, but it turned into a mission impossible because I had to balance a parrot on my shoulder…

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"They're Hot, You're Not!" Newspaper de Pers about bloggers

They’re Hot, You’re not! That’s what journalist/columnist Koster wrote in his hilarious article about bloggers in newspaper De Pers today.  With ‘they’, he means us. We are hot, yes we are! Finally! (Uhuumm) This week we’ve got or own ‘blogkoffer’ (blogarea) at Amsterdam Fashion Week and suddenly we are important enough…