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Tag: Food

French chef’s cuisine @ Brasserie Witteveen

L'Amuse (pumpkinsoup) and the menu

On Monday evening we enjoyed a great 7 course dinner at Brasserie Witteveen in Amsterdam. It was a guest chef’s dinner organized by Q-creative. A yearly event where three topchefs present their French signature dishes. And this time the three chefs were all French as well! Alain Caron, known from the TV programme Masterchef (the Dutch edition), Jean Joël Bonsens from restaurant Christophe and Gregory Nicole from The French Cafe….


Digi K’s living la vida loca part II

Fabulous leather jacket with skull from Phillpp Plein @ FC70 showroom

It has been quite a rollercoaster again. The wettest and wildest poolparty in years with the compliments of Diesel, a blogger-dinnerdate with Italian sneakerbrand D.A.T.E., Absolut Wodka launched a new bottle; ‘Absolut Mode’, the Elite Model Look finale, the S/S ’12 pressdays…and not to forget I had to survive without my computer for a week (it had a nasty cough…), but here is part II of Digi K’s vida loca…


Digitalicious: Color themed food -many shades of white

A little while ago Dutch designer Ilja Visser showed us her new collections during an intimate lunch. An interesting part of the lunch was the color-theme: many shades of white. Gazpacho soup, cold rice salad with vegetables and a panacotta dessert, white was the main color. Blending perfectly with the decoration on the table.

Having a color theme is a good idea when you’re hosting a dinner. It gives you the possibility to be creative in many ways. Think of how challenging it would be if you don’t use any artificial food colouring. Just get that mind of yours working. For now here’s some inspiration>>>


Digitalicious: ‘Moules et frites’ made with love

So we decided to make more posts about food. I don’t think we need to remind you, but we LOVE to eat. And we start to become quite good cooks ourselves while practicing. Who knows, we might become the new Nigella Lawson’s!

We both have our specialties; Digi E is all about the Asian cuisine, and Digi K has French roots, but is into ‘global cooking’. Let’s start with something from our neighbours, Belgium. It’s mussel-season so we crave for ‘Moules et frites’.

Check the recipe after the jump>>>