Digi K’s living la vida loca part II

Fabulous leather jacket with skull from Phillpp Plein @ FC70 showroom

It has been quite a rollercoaster again. The wettest and wildest poolparty in years with the compliments of Diesel, a blogger-dinnerdate with Italian sneakerbrand D.A.T.E., Absolut Wodka launched a new bottle; ‘Absolut Mode’, the Elite Model Look finale, the S/S ’12 pressdays…and not to forget I had to survive without my computer for a week (it had a nasty cough…), but here is part II of Digi K’s vida loca…

Before entering the Diesel Island....
....making friends with the lady @ customs (where are we? f*cking Cuba??)
The lovely Lifestylehunters
A whole lot of mojitos at a poolparty....tricky business
Oh fishy fishy....where are thou????
Cool new collection of D.A.T.E. sneakers
At the D.A.T.E. -dinner with Digi E
Seafood!!! yummm!
Elite Model Look finalists
I predicted this girl would win....and she did! (should become a modelscout I guess...)
The winner with her 2 runner ups
At launch 'ABSOLUT Mode' with El Rod @ Court Séjour Boutique
....where they had Cosmopolitan cupcakes..
....and more cool stuff....
delicious sushi @ O.P.I.-lunch at The Grand
....and the desert...
spotted these cute Fifi Lapin-necklaces from Petra Reijerink @ Pressday PUUR PR
....WE LOVE NY TOO!!!...
With dear and beautiful friend K. @ Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange
Who needs Vogue when there is Antidote?! My favorite book-a-zine, a true collector's item
Always start the day with a good breakfast @ Verso café
....and a warm cup of tea @ Verso café

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