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French chef’s cuisine @ Brasserie Witteveen

L'Amuse (pumpkinsoup) and the menu

On Monday evening we enjoyed a great 7 course dinner at Brasserie Witteveen in Amsterdam. It was a guest chef’s dinner organized by Q-creative. A yearly event where three topchefs present their French signature dishes. And this time the three chefs were all French as well! Alain Caron, known from the TV programme Masterchef (the Dutch edition), Jean Joël Bonsens from restaurant Christophe and Gregory Nicole from The French Cafe….

We had the chance to pre-taste the menu that’s available until December 4th, and can agree that it’s worth the € 47,50 p.p. You can also order the wine arrangement for € 20 extra. Be sure to take your time, because a 7 course dinner deserves to be savoured.

It all begins with the incredibly tasteful bread from Le Salonard. It’s how sourdough should be! Dipped in  fruity olive oil, something as simple as good bread can taste like heaven! Then there was an amuse. A perfectly balanced pumpkinsoup, not to sweet, but salty-spicy and with the right texture (pumpkinsoups can be a bit rough sometimes). The amuse was followed by the ‘entree’: terrine de foie gras with ceps and potatoe. This classic French dish was served with a slice of lightly roasted brioche and a compote of shallots.

The starter: Terrine de Foie Gras, ceps, potatoe served with roasted brioche, a compote of shallots and seasoned Little Gem salad

The next course consisted of line caught sea bass with Choron sauce (a variation on the Béarnaise, but with tomatoe puree instead of tarragon or chervil), and Puy lentils.

Lign caught sea bass with Choron sauce and Puy lentils

We were actually pretty full at that point. The main course was yet to follow…A Cote de boeuf with a red wine sauce and a gratin of chard.

Cote de Boeuf with a red wine sauce and a gratin of chard
....the wine with the main course: Touraine "Cuvée Louis", Domaine de L'Aumonier, Loire 2010

After that a piece of Beaufort cheese with a slice of nut/fig bread. The cheese was very popular amongst my fellow gourmets. As the cheese supplier informed us, the Beaufort is a refined and expensive cheese; € 5 for 100 grams!

Beaufort cheese with a slice of nut/fig bread

It was time for dessert. An Omelette Norvégienne (or Baked Alaska- ice cream placed in sponge cake and topped with meringue).

Omelette Sibérienne

We felt like a skippyball at that moment -we had eaten so much already- that we anticipated the tea and ‘friandises’ that would finalize this copious dinner.

Some 'digestive' herbal tea
...accompanied by some delicious 'friandises'

You want to enjoy the Chef’s dinner at Brasserie Witteveen as well? Be quick and make your reservation. You won’t be sorry!

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