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DIY: Rimmel@Home make-up party with friends

Girls and make-up. It’s a love story boys don’t understand. As a 16-year old, me and my friends stood hours and hours in front of the mirror, powdering ourselves. With a bottle of wine or some sweet stuff like Malibu we had our own little make-up party before we went to the club. Now, years later, we don’t have these make-up parties anymore. Such a pitty! So last week I booked a Rimmel@Home make-up party for me and my friends. To bring back good memories and of course to learn a lot of new make-up tricks!


The perfect jeans 'butt' thanks to Paige Adams-Geller

Paige Adams-Geller: Paige Premium Denim

She’s originally from Alaska, and went to highschool with Sarah Palin ( yep, that one). After being the most booked fittingmodel for the world’s best jeanslabels, she started her own business: Paige Premium Denim.

We interviewed Paige Adams-Geller at the Modefabriek where she presented her already very succesful label.