DIY: Rimmel@Home make-up party with friends

Girls and make-up. It’s a love story boys don’t understand. As a 16-year old, me and my friends stood hours and hours in front of the mirror, powdering ourselves. With a bottle of wine or some sweet stuff like Malibu we had our own little make-up party before we went to the club. Now, years later, we don’t have these make-up parties anymore. Such a pitty! So last week I booked a Rimmel@Home make-up party for me and my friends. To bring back good memories and of course to learn a lot of new make-up tricks!

Rimmel London came up with something very cool a year ago…A Rimmel@Home make-up party. Invite your best friends (6 till 9), put a table in the middle of your living room and the party can start. A professional Rimmel make-up artist visits your home with a suitcase full of make-up! The result? A large diner table covered with lipsticks, foundations, powders, eye shadows and mirrors and with 10 enthusiastic women around it. The make-up artist explains step-by-step how to take care of your skin and how to apply all the products for the most beautiful result. After she explains it, you have to try it yourself.

Friends who never used foundations before, used it like the next day would never come. Eyes coloured deep purple, aqua blue and even hot pink! We had so much fun with each other! We laughed, learned and bought. Afterwards we were able to buy all the Rimmel make-up for a special promotion price. So the next day we could apply all the things we learned the night before.

If you are planning a fun night with the girls? Try a make-up party like this! It only costs you 10 Euros each and for that you get a lot of free stuff too. Watch the images of our little party below. Don’t we look beautiful…LOL!

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