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Maand: november 2009

Chifff: The Little Prince

New blog from Chifff!!

Last Thursday night I was sound asleep and dreaming about laying on a bounty beach; a delicious raspberry mojito in one hand, a gossip magazine in the other hand, a very handsome lifeguard behind me waving a palm leaf to make sure the heat stayed bearable… I was just about to ask the lifeguard to rub my back with some sun screen when I heard a rustling noise. Like someone was browsing through a pile of magazines, trying to set a world record. I looked around but I couldn’t spot another creature on this bounty beach, besides the lifeguard and me.


In a few days…Vogue Collection Spring/Summer 2010

Vogue collections S/S 2010

There is only one magazine worth my last €25,-, even if that means I have to eat sandwiches with peanutbutter for the rest of the month. It’s without a doubt the Vogue Collections . Or what I call the bi-yearly fashionbible. The best overview of all the fashionweeks, and a very nice accessories-section (the shoes and bags make us greedy…)

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Amusing predictions by American fashion designers from the 1930s


This is so funny! Thanks to a tweet of Glamour’s Fiona Hering, we found this old black and white movie of the ’30’s. You see some amusing predictions by American fashion designers from the 1930s of what the well-dressed man and woman would be wearing in the year 2000.


Chifff's Catch of the day: Ankle boots by Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood for rainy days

Today we have a catch of the day from our girl Chifff! Check it out:

I just found myself the perfect solution for this crappy, Dutch weather. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ‘crappy, Dutch weather’; lots of rain, stormy weather, cold and again, lots of rain. Don’t you worry about your hairdo before heading out (don’t even think about blow drying!), when you’ll set foot outside it’s like you’re taking a shower all over again…


Victoria Beckham relaunches denim label

Victoria Beckham Denim

Victoria is giving her almost vanished denim label a rebirth. Formerly knwown as dVb, it will now simly be called Victoria Beckham Denim.

The jeans were given a high-end makeover, and are sharper and sleeker than the original dVb’s. Not to forget the super slouchy boyfriend jeans, that probably gave her back the ‘denim-credibility’. In the range there are also sixties sweet pastel cigarette pants with contrasting inserts. She even goes beyond jeans with a range of leggings in bright colours.