The perfect jeans 'butt' thanks to Paige Adams-Geller

Paige Adams-Geller: Paige Premium Denim

She’s originally from Alaska, and went to highschool with Sarah Palin ( yep, that one). After being the most booked fittingmodel for the world’s best jeanslabels, she started her own business: Paige Premium Denim.

We interviewed Paige Adams-Geller at the Modefabriek where she presented her already very succesful label.

A perfect jeans 'butt'

If the inventor of the jeans wouldn’t have been a man (Levi Strauss),  jeans would have looked different from a woman’s perspective. Instead of beign stiff and rigid workwear that focussed on longevity, Paige says she would have focussed on comfort, style and a goodlooking rear. ”That’s the difference in how a man and a woman look at jeans. Men want them to look cool, women want them to be flattering.”

That’s what it’s all about for Paige when she designs the jeans. They have to look good on anyone, and each bodyshape. The interesting thing about the ‘butt’ enhancing effect of her jeans is that the effects are not only created with the material and the placement of the pockets and different types of pockets, but also with the washings. ”It’s like sculpting or painting, you need to work with shadows and highlights to create the right effect.”

This could be easy to say for Paige, since she has the most ‘revered’ butt, but it hasn’t always been that way. She even had an eating-disorder in the past. Growing up in Alaska she was a ‘chubby’ kid. Because of the cold, the food there is heavy and fried. Completely different from the California lifestyle where they’re very keen on healthy food. But it also takes a lot of discipline to have the most revered butt: Paige works out with a personal trainer 4/5 times a week. Not only to keep in shape, it’s also an outlet and stress relief for her. Lately she dicovered the Russian kettle bells (iron bells with handles around), a fitness tool she’s very enthusiastic about. (Maybe we should try those too…)

Still, not every woman has the ability to train often, or the genetic gift of having a perfect body. Paige was one of the first to have her jeans-sizes go up to 34.

Living in LA, Paige has seen that the American movie-industry was partially responsible for the whole ‘size zero’-issue. ”But luckily things are changing with women like Salma Hayek, Jennifer Hudson and Jordan Sparks. They are beautiful, yet curvy.” And Paige wants to get the message across that also younger girls come in different sizes. ”In LA and even New York, everything is focussed on the exterior. They think that only older women are allowed to be curvy. Fortunately it’s different in the midwest.”

Although there is an average model used on Paige’s website, she does foresee the different bodyshapes related to ethnicity. She invites all types of women to her office and makes them fill in a sheet with all bodytype related questions and the fit and feel of her jeans, from which she gets the information she needs to make suitable jeans for Asian, Latin, and African-American women.

For Paige personal style is much more important than following the trends, so we wanted to know whose personal style she admires and who she would like to see wearing her jeans. ”I would definitely like to see David Bowie wear my men’s jeans. He’s a really cool style icon; progressive, daring, unique, metrosexual and totally out of the box. And Brigitte Bardot in the ladies department, so sexy, cool and feminine!” Let’s not forget: Bardot never was a size zero, but beautifully curvy in her days.

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