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Sweet Saturday Sounds: Coldplay ”Hymn for the weekend” (featuring Beyonce)

Coldplay is gearing up to release their seventh studio album ”A Head Full of Dreams” next week Friday. After releasing the first single ”Adventure of a Lifetime” at the beginning of this month and their second single ”Everglow” last Thursday, they have unlocked a new track from the album. The…


The (expensive!) secrets of the front-row

At the Burberry show. In the red circle: The Digitalistas!

I was triggered by the article on about how much brands pay for celebs to sit front-row. I’m still planning to write an article about the secrets of the front-row. Like why it is so important to have a famous front-row (media attention!!!), why get those rich people the best goodiebags (not fair!!!)  and what do you have to do to get a front-row seat (become a blogger, LOL).  


Celebs love David Koma

David Koma spring-summer 2010

During our London Fashion Week last September, we did receive an invite for the show of David Koma. But we didn’t go, because we’re probably busy with shopping, eating or surviving a hangover (well, Digitalista K. and M. Did!)
after some great kind of fashion party . But now we regret it, because David Koma became the BFF of many celebs.