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Horses also get haircuts…

Left: Angie really loves horses...Right: Akris greige Ai horsehair bag

…And still Angelina Jolie wanted to be sure that no animal was harmed for the sake of her just purchased ¢5000,- Akris bag. Respect.

The bags of the Swiss fashion brand (they just released an accessories range this year) are all made of ponyhair. Not just ordinary ponies, but Mongolian nomadic horses (I guess they’re more hairy?) who just had their annual haircut.


First look: Kate Moss for Longchamp

Photos: Longchamp

From model to designer. Kate Moss‘ bags for Longchamp were presented yesterday evening at the Ritz. A good way to get noticed while couture week is full-on in Paris at the moment. The bags, that vary from party clutches to shoppers and travelbags come in red and black leather as well as zebra prints, and might just match a new couture outfit.


Victoria Beckham expands her line to purses and shoes

What do you guys think of Victoria Beckham? I kind of like her. Not because I was a huge Spice Girls fan as a 10 year old girl. No, back in the days I did not like her ‘poshy’ behaviour. But now I do. And only because she has some crazy self spot. Otherwise you don’t sit in a huge Marc Jacobs bag, right? And even her upcoming career as a serious designer is not that stupid as I thought it would be…

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