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Horses also get haircuts…

Left: Angie really loves horses...Right: Akris greige Ai horsehair bag

…And still Angelina Jolie wanted to be sure that no animal was harmed for the sake of her just purchased ¢5000,- Akris bag. Respect.

The bags of the Swiss fashion brand (they just released an accessories range this year) are all made of ponyhair. Not just ordinary ponies, but Mongolian nomadic horses (I guess they’re more hairy?) who just had their annual haircut.

Horsehair is probably the most animal friendly material, just like dog/cat hair. The animals have to be trimmed once in a while, just like sheep need to be shaved. And if the results are goodlooking bags? Why not. Angelina can take her Akris bag out on the street with a clear conscience now.

The Akris campaign featuring muze Daphne Guiness

(Source: WWD)

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