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First look: Kate Moss for Longchamp

Photos: Longchamp

From model to designer. Kate Moss‘ bags for Longchamp were presented yesterday evening at the Ritz. A good way to get noticed while couture week is full-on in Paris at the moment. The bags, that vary from party clutches to shoppers and travelbags come in red and black leather as well as zebra prints, and might just match a new couture outfit.

Ofcourse they wouldn’t be Kate Moss bags, if there wasn’t a bit of ‘Rock’ added to them, so the bag were built around three themes: Rock ‘n Casual, Rock ‘n Travel and Rock ‘n Glam.

Aside the brand’s boutiques, some selected department stores like Galerie Lafayette in Paris and Selfridges in London will sell the Kate Moss for Longchamp collection as well.


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