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Thursday Treat: Lattiz voor de Latte-liefhebbers

Koffie was tot op 10 jaar geleden nooit zo mijn ding. Tot ik ergens werkte waar een bad-ass koffiemachine stond om de heerlijkste latte’s uit te toveren. Zwarte koffie zul je mij niet zo snel zien drinken tenzij ik ergens in Italië  ben waar cappuccino’s na de ochtend uit den…


Thursday Treat: Lattiz for the Latte-lovers

Until 10 years ago, I wasn’t so much into coffee. It all started when I worked at a place where they had a badass coffee machine that produced the most delish latte’s. You’ll rarely see me drink black coffee unless I find myself somewhere in Italy, because drinking cappuccino’s in the…


Tasty Tuesday: Healthy energising banana bread recipe



Lately I’ve got a bit more time on my hands so I started baking. I love cooking, but baking is something else. I am more a savoury than a sweet kinda girl, so that’s why I actually never baked something before. Except that one time, when I tried to make macaroons – but failed epically.