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Thursday Treat: Kessens

Kessens_entryHaving breakfast or lunch outdoors becomes more and more attractive with all these new venues opening. Our latest coffee/breakfast/lunch discovery is Kessens.

It feels like a mix of classic French and Scandinavian when you enter. Round marble tables at the front, bench seats with large mirrors, a reading table in the back. It is not a coincidence that the owners Casper and Anna came up with this mix, as the couple traveled a lot and Anna is originally from Sweden.

Kessens_viewfrommirror Kessens_koffie

Casper is part of the renowned Holtkamp patisserie family, so he knows his craft. Of course some of the patisserie’s classics are available on the menu. Did you know that Holtkamp senior has spent many years perfecting the shrimp croquettes? They are delicious, so make sure you taste them.

We’ve landed at Kessens on a Saturday afternoon for coffee, but we could not resist to have a sandwich and chose the Smoked Mackerel with granny smith apple, crème fraîche, pickles and roasted beetroot. Fresh, tasty and it left us wanting more, so next up on the list are the traditional Gravad Lax and the Roast Pork. Though we miss a selection of homemade juices and smoothies on the side.

Kessens_menu Kessens_sandwich

Kessens also does take-away for all you busy people out there. Check out the menu here.
But, we have to admit, one thing that grabbed our attention is the fact that you can have a bubbly breakfast at this lovely place. How romantic! As they claim: “Because no great story starts with a glass of milk”. We couldn’t agree more…we don’t like drinking milk anyway.

Rozengracht 24
1016 NC Amsterdam

Kessens_viewfromstairs Kessens_interieur1 Kessens_counter1 Kessens_outside


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