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Thursday Treat: Bio Mio Copenhagen

We’ve mentioned the sustainable character of the Danish before, but Bio Mio -a restaurant where we recently dined at in Copenhagen- is probably the best example. 

The Danish capital was the first destination of our InterRail trip, and our guide wanted to take us here because she had heard many good things about it, plus, this restaurant was positively reviewed by the New York Times when it opened 5 years ago.
Bio Mio is an all-organic eatery, settled in an old BOSCH tool warehouse in the CPH meat-packing district (Vesterbrø area). The restaurant not only evolves around organic food, the entire place is sustainable. Even the heat in the kitchen and the electricity. Surprising when you consider how big the venue is (you’ll notice when you walk to the back). It can seat up to 200 people, so no worries for not getting seated.

It is relatively quiet when we settle here with a group of 7 on a Sunday evening. There is a set menu and daily dishes on the blackboards above the open kitchen. We all order small starters, not knowing the sizes of the main courses…
I didn’t know what to choose, so I ended up ordering the salmon tartar and Bio Mio style pad thai with fresh vegetables. And oh my! The portion was huge! I can eat a lot -especially since I didn’t have a proper lunch that day- but half of the content of the plate would have been sufficient. At least you won’t starve at Bio Mio, that’s for sure.

The dish lacked some spice, the taste was a bit flat, but the veggies were nice and crunchy. Loads of carrot and broccoli to lavish on. Though there didn’t seem to be any room left for dessert, I couldn’t resist having a bite of the blackberry and cottage cheese trifle. It was nice but more suitable for breakfast.

After a dinner at Bio Mio you notice how whole foods are filling. You don’t need big portions, so keep that in mind if you intend to have a meal there soon.

Bio Mio
Halmtorvet 19
1700 København V

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