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Maand: april 2014

Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_positano_teaserThis week I was in Italy on a presstrip for Villa Massa -there will be an extended report about that soon- and while we were there we’ve visited  the lovely coastal village of Positano. Now I here you thinking ‘how is that related to fashion?’, but we’ve noticed quite some shoe craftsmen there, mostly producing leather sandals.


In the NOW: The School of Life Amsterdam

TheSchoolOfLife_PRESSONLY_20140423_04If you’re not familiar with the books of philosopher Alain de Botton, don’t worry. The whole reason why De Botton founded The School of Life (TSOL) in 2008 was to take his books and ideas a step further, and among real life people. I am very glad he did, because with his sense of humor this philosopher makes his field of expertise a lot more tangible. 


Amsterdam’s Eyelash Bargain

photo 3Over the coming few weeks I have a few big events coming up (re: trip to Italy, our best friends’ wedding, and King’s Day celebrations!) and these busy weeks are the perfect time to simplify my beauty routine wherever possible. It’s the ideal time for eyelash extensions, which I maintain are the most convenient – not to mention addictive – beauty invention!


Column: May Fever

Yaela-column3_1Hi there! my name is Yaela and I’m a workaholic, a mom, a marketer and a perverted lover of all things hospitality. Fortunately I get to combine most of the above in my marketing agency Typhoon Hospitality. Every two weeks I share a glimpse into my often chaotic, unglamorous and insane life with you. Buckle up y’all, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….