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Amsterdam’s Eyelash Bargain

photo 3Over the coming few weeks I have a few big events coming up (re: trip to Italy, our best friends’ wedding, and King’s Day celebrations!) and these busy weeks are the perfect time to simplify my beauty routine wherever possible. It’s the ideal time for eyelash extensions, which I maintain are the most convenient – not to mention addictive – beauty invention!

I’ve been researching Amsterdam’s eyelash extension scene and am shocked by (a) how popular they’ve become in recent months, and (b) how expensive they’ve become! A new set can cost upwards of €150!

So I was thrilled to discover Annes Concept Voor Mooi offers the full service of applying a new set for €75 – a total bargain! Owner Anne Los is a whiz at applying the lashes (synthetic or mink, take your pick) and the result is amazing. Think sexy, long, curly, voluminous lashes, straight out of a mascara commercial (but without the mascara!)

Instead of painful taping, she also uses an ultra-gentle tape during the process, which prevents bottom and top lashes from sticking together.

Each lash is individually applied to your natural lashes, which have a life span of a few weeks on their own. So when your natural lash falls out, so too will the lash extension. Refills are necessary every two to four weeks, pending how fast your lashes grow.

The application process is totally painless; it’s actually very relaxing and a great opportunity to chill out for 45 minutes while Los does her work.

Lash extensions are easy to maintain by simply washing them gently with water (they won’t fall off that easily!) and brushing them once a morning with a special comb, which Los will send you home with. There’s no need for any mascara while you have the extensions; they look fantastic on their own.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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