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Column: May Fever

Yaela-column3_1Hi there! my name is Yaela and I’m a workaholic, a mom, a marketer and a perverted lover of all things hospitality. Fortunately I get to combine most of the above in my marketing agency Typhoon Hospitality. Every two weeks I share a glimpse into my often chaotic, unglamorous and insane life with you. Buckle up y’all, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…. 

Hay fever? I’ve got a severe case of May-fever

I don’t know what it is exactly. I mean…did I miss a memo? Was there a big announcement on national TV? Did I overlook a gigantic banner on the Dam Square? It’s swept across my inbox and life like an epidemic, an allergy even. Yet no anti-histamine seems to do the trick.

It seems so obvious to everyone around me and yet hit me like a brick in the face. What you ask? MAY! I’ve got May-fever.

Yes, May. As in the month. As in approximately a week and a half, 10 days, 2400 hours, 144000 minutes and 8640000 seconds from today. That May.

It seems like there is some cosmic conspiracy to fit as many deadlines, events and projects into this month. Fair enough, they’re all pretty exciting but still. There’s only 24 hours in a day people, and since my molecular biologist of a husband (not kidding! Just learned how to spell that after ten years of being together) has not yet mastered the art of cloning, I guess I’m screwed. Or blessed.

Let’s just leave it a scressed or blewed.

PHOTO 1 – Spring has officially started and with that so has the Amsterdam boating season. I’m a sucker for spending a day on the boat with friends. Even as a born and raised Amsterdammer, this cliché never gets old. But this May, Bluespoon restaurant has taken boating to the next level! By offering Bluespoon on Board you can now enjoy the delicious Bluespoon dishes like oysters, cheese plates, vichysoisse and of course the one and only Club sandwich, on board. I’m telling you this is the SH*T. (pardon my Bluespoon)


PHOTO 2 – May 9 – 11 is the Food Film Festival. I’m very excited to join the ‘proefwerk’ lunch in honor of the late Johannes van Dam.

PHOTO 3 – This year is the first ever edition of the Perfect Serve barshow. A trade fair for bartenders. Imagine 2 days of stands and halls full of hard liquor. Topped off by the one and only Belvedere bartender breakfast we’re hosting at cocktail bar Dvars. Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a bartenders breakfast at 3AM while in the middle of a crazy pillow fight. Just saying.

Photo 4 – My favorite culinary event Taste of Amsterdam is back this May from the 15th to the 18th. An amazing line-up of top chefs, restaurants and brands. And have I mentioned they have a Taste theater? Yup, a theater full of culinary performances, cook-offs and wine-pub-quizzes. And of course, Taste of Amsterdam will be the host of the worlds first National championship ‘Beercan-in-butt-chicken’. Get your tickets now!

PHOTO 5 – May 19th (if I’m still breathing) is like Christmas, Hanukkah and my birthday colliding. It’s national Gin & Tonic day! The official launch of the G&T season will be celebrated in style and will mark the official date after which I’m not seen as an alcoholic but rather a trendsetter for ordering a G&T with lunch. My personal favorite? Hendricks gin with the one and only Fever-tree tonic. Of course with the signature cucumber.

PHOTO 6 – Officially I’m still sworn to secrecy but let me tell you that as of the end of May, Amsterdam will have gained a new after work concept. Finally after work events that are cool and happening, yet sophisticated and grown-up (sidenote; am I the only person who feels like a fossil when setting foot into an average Dutch bar? Why is everyone 16? Seriously?!) Long story short… keep an eye out for this cool concept in the making.

PHOTO 7 – Don’t forget guys…May 11th is mothersday. My personal all time favorite gift? Take her out to dinner. It’s always appreciated. You get some quality time together. You have an excuse to go somewhere new. Oh, and there’s food? If you want to go all out, take her to IZAKAYA. No words needed, it’s simply amazeballs. If that’s a bit too much for your taste why don’t you try one of my personal favorites in Amsterdam? Mercat, Nevy, MOMO, Nomads, Bluespoon or Envy.

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