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"They're Hot, You're Not!" Newspaper de Pers about bloggers

The Digitalistas at newspaper de Pers

They’re Hot, You’re not! That’s what journalist/columnist Koster wrote in his hilarious article about bloggers in newspaper De Pers today.  With ‘they’, he means us. We are hot, yes we are! Finally! (Uhuumm) This week we’ve got or own ‘blogkoffer’ (blogarea) at Amsterdam Fashion Week and suddenly we are important enough to be interviewed and photographed. (Note to ourselves: never become a real celebrity. When people take pictures of you when you don’t know, you have to smile all the time and not be typing like an idiot! ) We still don’t take it too serious, but it’s cool to see that bloggers finally get the attention they deserve after all these years…Well, most of the time. You can find the article here!

PS. Nice job Koster, after drinking too much free champagne, you still remembered our (for most people) difficult name!

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