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Live from the Replay show @ AIFW

Ana Beatriz Barros @ Replay show

Here we are again to blog live from an AIFW fashionshow. Tonight it’s Replay time! All the guys sitting around us are anxcious to see Ana Beatriz Barros walk the show…We’ve got the first pic!

And some other gorgeous pics!

Ana Beatriz Barros


  1. Sasha januari 31, 2010

    Thanks for the photo, she looks gorgeous! Love the boots, they’re stunning! :D

    • Marieke februari 1, 2010

      I know, I really want those new Replay boots!

  2. LeRoi februari 1, 2010

    I’m in love :)

    • Marieke februari 1, 2010

      Did you get a good night sleep Leroi? ;-)

  3. digitalistas februari 1, 2010

    Leroy still has a hang over….

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