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Chifff: The Little Prince

New blog from Chifff!!

Last Thursday night I was sound asleep and dreaming about laying on a bounty beach; a delicious raspberry mojito in one hand, a gossip magazine in the other hand, a very handsome lifeguard behind me waving a palm leaf to make sure the heat stayed bearable… I was just about to ask the lifeguard to rub my back with some sun screen when I heard a rustling noise. Like someone was browsing through a pile of magazines, trying to set a world record. I looked around but I couldn’t spot another creature on this bounty beach, besides the lifeguard and me.

This is really strange. The rustling noise keeps annoying me, let me just relax on this bounty beach, with my cutie guard! Uhm, I mean lifeguard! The noise stays and even though I try to fight it, I’m waking up from my marvellous dream and start to realise that the sound is coming from the corner of my bedroom. I have had some bad experiences in the past with tiny little but o so scary mice so I decide to wake my own cute lifeguard who’s sleeping next to me.

My own lifeguard isn’t really pleased (was he perhaps dreaming about his own bounty beach with Pammy A. in her red bathing suit?) but decides he has to be my lifesaver. He gets out of bed and tries to determine the exact coordinates of the rustling noise. Is it beneath the closet? Under a pile of old clothes I still have to get rid of (aka bring to the Salvation Army)?! Behind the laundry basket? No, nope and try again.

In the meantime the rustling sound is getting louder and my lifeguard invites two little hairy helpers to join him in his search. And yes, this was a great idea; the two little hairy helpers track down the bastard causing me to wake up from my pleasant dream. At this point my nerves are getting out of control. Why don’t we have our own high lifeguard chair in the bedroom? I could definitely use a safe hiding place…  And what or who is this creature that we are, okay, my lifeguard is hunting down!?

Well, it turns out: I don’t wanna know! My lifeguard asks politely if I can leave the room. So he and his little helpers can take care of business, without me uttering little screams all the time. Great cue, just what I needed; I’m ‘ Esmee Dentering’  Outta here! A few minutes and some hard knocks later my lifeguard starts walking up and down with a big bucket. What was in the bucket!? A freaking frog! Yup, I’m not kidding you… We had a freaking frog camping in our bedroom!!!!

As you can imagine; I didn’t get much sleep after this froggy adventure. How the hell did this frog end up in our bedroom? Did he escape from the fairy forest? Was it a Frog Prince waiting to be kissed? Brrr, in that case: he showed up at the wrong place! Luckily my lifeguard shared this thought and bought him a one way ticket to frog heaven…

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