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Video: Pharell Williams for Palladium “Tokyo Rising”

After the 3/11 drama in Japan, the Japanese people picked up their lives and creativeness within a different context. Even though Japan is a country sensitive to earthquakes, and challenges still lay ahead, artists and creatives take part in this reality and try to turn it into something positive.

N.E.R.D.’ s frontman Pharell Williams joins the Palladium team to his second home, Tokio, for a post-3/11 exploration. Art Director Sebastian Masuda, designer Yoon and musician/rapper ‘Teriyaki Boy’ Verbal show him around….

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Palladium: hidden gems of L.A.

We have never been to L.A., but if one day we do, we would definitely take on Odette Annable as our guide. The young actress grew up in the City of Angels, and started her acting career alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Kindergarten Cop’ at the age of five.

She has starred in several movies and series (Cloverfield, Breaking In) since then, and you will spot her soon in ‘The Double’ with Richard Gere. But first, heritage boot brand Palladium teamed up with the beautiful Latina for their latest urban exploration, entitled β€œHidden Gems of L.A.”


Neill Barett for Palladium

Neil Barett for Palladium sneak peak

Remember the Palladiums? Most of us had a pair of these shoes in the nineties. The brand started out as a tyre-manufacturer for the Airforce in the 1920’s, and since 1947 Palladium made the canvas shoes for adventurous people.

We saw them passing by on the Hans Ubbink catwalk. These were made of leather, and we kind of liked them for the men. We are more into heels now ourselves, but boyfriend or husband might just like the new models designed by British designer Neil Barett.