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The Ka-Pow sweater by 3.1 Phillip Lim was a true showstopper last year. This designer item became a big hit and even a trend because of it’s knock-offs from Primark and H&M. After that, the cheerful Kenzo Tiger Sweater became THE musthave and was seen on every fashion blog. Me, as a true fashion victim, loved these items, but this season I don’t feel like wearing them anymore. They’ve had their time to shine, let’s move on to the next designer it-item!


Spread your wings and…Jeremy Scott X Adidas

Jeremy Scott X Adidas rainbow wing sneakers

For all our streetwise chicks out there: these are truly some Digitalistic sneakers, and we hope the effect of the wings gives the sensation you’re flying instead of walking.

They are part of the Jeremy Scott for Adidas collection S/S 2010. But not only the sneakers are cool, the collection features some nice items too. What to think of this dress that would perfectly suit Madonna, or the Michael Jackson inspired vest?


Ring, ring, Hello Agyness?

Don't forget to ring Aggy!

‘Hey how are ya doin’ …Sorry you can’t get through …Why don’t you leave your name and your number…and I’ll get back to you!”

In some kind of bizarre way this song (Ring, Ring, Ring by De La Soul, TD) is the thing that comes to my mind when I look at this picture of Agyness Deyn. The sweaterdress is to blame for this! This design from Jeremy Scott is just to hilarious.