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Quote of the day: Blake Lively

It's a hard knocked life: Blake Lively wants to go to Chanel, but she just can't!

“Because we’re shooting Gossip Girl, our season finale. It’s our final five days. Every single one of the characters is in every scene. There’s no room for them to change the schedule. That’s why I’m going to Paris this weekend for the dinner. I’m thrilled. And hopefully Karl will give me a sneak peek of the show beforehand. I love seeing the pieces in person.”


Nuclear Anna shows u a great example of the quote: a picture is worth a thousands words. Just look at this photo of Anna Wintour and you know what they want to say…Nuclear Anna.


The 'virtual' front row

photo via BFC: Front row @ Christopher Kane September '09

We can pack our bags and just quit soon…No, just kidding! But bringing coverage from a fashion show’s front-row comes from a whole other source than our Mac laptops. The rise of the ‘live’ streaming is gaining popularity amongst designerbrands. There were already a lot of ‘live’ streamed shows from NY fashionweek, and the trend continues with London FashionWeek.


The (expensive!) secrets of the front-row

At the Burberry show. In the red circle: The Digitalistas!

I was triggered by the article on about how much brands pay for celebs to sit front-row. I’m still planning to write an article about the secrets of the front-row. Like why it is so important to have a famous front-row (media attention!!!), why get those rich people the best goodiebags (not fair!!!)  and what do you have to do to get a front-row seat (become a blogger, LOL).