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We came, we cooked, we conquered

2015-04 Uniekaas Perrano-3210 (1)Parrano is a Dutch cheese with Italian charm. No wonder Villa Parrano’s cook Franco loves to cook with it and taught us how to prepare a delicious dinner including the tasty cheese and the truffles found in the backyard of the villa. 

We herewith share one of the dishes we’ve made:

Rolled Chicken Breast with Parrano & Truffle filling

800 g of chicken breast
Salt and pepper to taste
150 g of truffle paste
1 Tbs of flour
12 slices of Parrano cheese
1 glass of dry white wine
100 g of broccoli in small pieces
1 white onion
100 g of carrots cut in rounds
1 clove of garlic
100 g of zucchini -julienne strips
1 bunch of thyme

1. Boil the vegetables separately in salty water
2. Slice the chicken breasts in 12 slices and place on the cutting board, season with salt and pepper
3. Spread each with truffle paste, add a Parrano slice and roll them up
4. Then roll each in flour to coat them
5. Pan fry the rolled chicken breasts until they are seared, add the onion and garlic  and fry for a few minutes
6.Add the white wine and leave it to reduce
7. Add a ladle of chicken broth and cook for a further 6-8 minutes
8.Place the chicken on a bed of hot seasoned vegetables and pour over some of the sauce from the pan

2015-04 Uniekaas Perrano-3188 2015-04 Uniekaas Perrano-3207

Our complete menu consisted of the following:

Stuffed artichokes
Ravioli with a ricotta and squash filling
Rolled chicken breast filled with Parrano cheese and truffles

2015-04 Uniekaas Perrano-3193 2015-04 Uniekaas Perrano-3200

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Villa Parrano -also known as Torre del Tartufo- is owned by the friendly couple Pippa and Lars. She’s from South-Africa, he’s from Holland, but they certainly share their passion for the good life, which came together in three Tuscan villas available for a cooking classes/culinary holiday combination: Tuscookany. Find more information here.
Images © Saskia de Wal Photography. This post was created in collaboration with Parrano.
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