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Thursday Treat: ‘Que deliciosa enchilada!’ @ Rose’s Cantina

Roses1We have written about Rose’s Cantina just after its facelift, but that was not dedicated to the food. So now that deserves a little attention.

Latin-American food is on the rise according to food trendwatchers. Mainly caused by the superfoods hype which often originates from the area, but also because more people are traveling to the latin countries and discover that what’s on the menu there is quite tasty…

It must be said; not only the decoration of the venue makes you feel like you were instantly ‘beam me up Scotty’ to a Mexican town. The fresh and savoury dishes with accompanying cocktails made us want to do the Mariachi.

The cocktails are an other important element of an evening at Roses’s. We went along with their suggestions: a Skinny Piña Colada (with coconut water instead of coconut milk) and the Pink Panther.


What we had for dinner:

Classic Ceviche
Vegetarian Empenadas

Pimento Rojo Rellenado
Enchiladas with chicken

Coconut Lemongrass Crème Brûlée

The highlights of our meal were the ceviche and the enchilada. We hesitated between the Classic Ceviche (with the fresh catch of the day) and the Ceviche Acapulco (with additional prawns, octopus and jalapeño) but we were happy with our choice; raw slices of tuna marinated in lime and herbs with seleriac and sweet potato. A fresh and light starter for the somewhat heavier main course, the enchiladas. We’ve had enchiladas before, but what often disturbed us was the dry chicken filet instead of the tender chicken thigh inside, but Rose’s enchilada was very well balanced (this was tender and juicy chicken for sure!), served with black beans, salsa and sour cream. We finished our plate to the last bit. ‘Stuffed’ as we were, we decided on sharing the dessert and a digestive cup of herbal tea to finish.

Curious about that ‘deliciosa enchilada’? Rose’s also offers take-out! With Rose’s on the run you can take the fiesta anywhere you go. Check for details here.

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