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Ready to get Blown Away? Win 2×2 tickets!

Floating-stage-FBpostIn just a couple of weeks time, Rotterdam will be the setting of a very special event…Rumour has it that it will blow you away…

Expect a creative outburst of art installations, visuals, techno soundscapes, floating sculptures, live decor, interactive experiences and guerilla kitchens. From hi-tech and melodious to nostalgic and banging. An old submarine warehouse in Rotterdam will be transformed in an advanced culture fest where you can indulge yourself in music, art and food for 12 hours in a row.

This is the second edition of the Blown Away Fest after having succesfully blown away the audience last year, they go for the bigger, the better!  Where will you ever experience a crossover between the Philharmonic Orchestra and the tunes of DJ Secret Cinema on a 4DSound System? Or a 20 mins boat rave on a floating stage? Aight.
Tickets are almost sold out, but as Blown Away Ambassadors we have 2×2 tickets to give away! Follow these instructions:
Drop us a mail with your name + email adress on
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Step out of your comfort zone. This is where analogue meets digital. Where traditional meets new. Where the established meet the unpolished. This is Blown Away Fest 2013

When? November 16th 2013 from 2 pm until 2 am
What? Blown Away Advanced Culture Fest
Where? Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam



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