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Friday Fashion Envy: Isabel Marant Studded Sweater

FridayFashionEnvy_IsabelMarant_studded_sweaterSince we’re a little apprehensive of getting our hands on Isabel Marant for H&M items in a few weeks (it’s reaching fever pitch..) we keep on the lookout for cool items in her regular collection. And since it is ‘sweater weather’, we’ve found our Friday Fashion Envy.

It combines two of our favourite things; cool French nonchalance and a hint of rock ‘n roll!
The Scotty studded sweater is made of soft cotton with a fleece interior. Cosy enough to get us through the crisp Fall weather.

Pair it with (fake) leather pants for an edgy look, or with a floaty silk layered mini-skirt to make a rock meets girly combination.

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