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Tag: delicious bite

So deliciously Sophie: Nori wrap with avocado


I have a new addiction. Luckily it’s a healthy one. I can’t get enough of this snack made with nori, avocado and hummus. Nori is the edible seaweed that’s also used when making sushi. It’s full of essential nutrients like protein, iron, vitamin A, B & C and contains only 4 calories per sheet. Soooo, no need to cut back on this snack, which is also very easy to make. Yay!


So deliciously Sophie: Date & Nut bars


I always get a bit hungry around eleven in the morning. Breakfast seems ages ago but lunch is still two hours away. To prevent myself from munching on the candies on my colleagueโ€™s desk or a chocolate bar from the vending machine, I bring my own relatively healthy and very delicious date & nut bars to the office. They are easy to make, gluten free, there’s no sugar added and you can adjust them to your own taste, with your favorite nuts and seeds.