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Quote of the Day: Carine Roitfeld’s lesson in elegance

Elegance. As it seems French women’s greatest asset. Hopefully Carine Roitfeld will learn American people more about elegance, being the freshly employed fashion consultant of Barney’s New York: “You can’t learn how to be elegant; you can only learn how to avoid mistakes. The rest is instinct. Elegance is about…


Quote of the day: hip hip hooray for Emmanuelle

“Emmanuelle has all the professional and personal qualities required to maintain Vogue Paris as a world reference among fashion magazines. Vogue Paris will remain the most important fashion, beauty and cultural magazine, working with the world’s greatest photographers and stylists, who Emmanuelle knows perfectly. I totally trust her to manage…


What's all that Hello Kitty shizzle?

Hello Kitty is the new icon?

I never understood people’s fascination with Hello Kitty. Especially in the Asian countries, this kitten is really popular. One of my friends has a little Hello Kitty obsession…Ever seen a Hello Kitty Rolex…? Well, since Kitty reached the adult age 35 this year, it might explain why all of a sudden she’s adopted the ‘style-icon’-status. According to Carine Roitfeld, that is? She posed with a ‘Vogue’ Hello Kitty-doll a little while ago.

And then Hello Kitty-hell broke loose… MAC developed a Hello Kitty make-up collection, some people even go to far and wear Hello Kitty coats…