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Maand: februari 2011

LFW nightlife

Running around at fashionweek is tiring, but I still managed to get a taste of the nightlife (not as much as the last time we were in London with the girls, but still…). Here you can find some pics of the Mulberry afterparty and dinner with the bloggers and My crew at PingPong. I also found a backstagevideo of the Mulberry show and party:


Mulberry @ LFW

Sunday it was time for the Mulberry presentation. Looking for Mister Fox in the fairytale woods, complete with white dotted mushrooms. Glad they thought about the dogs again (there was even a dog frontrow, look carefully in the right corner in the video below), and it smelled of wet dog. Is that what the British countryside smells like? Sure don’t hope so…


Hello London, hello My!

Do you remember the last time we were in London and visited the My showroom? We had a really good time trying out clothes, taking pictures… and now we will meet again!

Digitalista K is going to London to attend the LFW, do some shopping, see some friends and joining the My team and a bunch of international bloggers for a bloggers-event. There are quite some nice things planned for us to do, so we can’t wait!