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Hairtrend 2010: Black vs peroxide?

The 2010 haircolour...What will it be?

First we thought that red would be a new haircolour for 2010, but now it seems the scores are rising between peroxide blonde and raven black.

Agyness Deyn, who is known for her experimental hairdo’s was spotted with a short raven black coupe, Kate Moss was photographed with cropped black hair for ID-magazine, and Natalia Vodionova, who’s usually angelic blonde, turned her locks as black as a crow for the Givenchy campaign.

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Ring, ring, Hello Agyness?

Don't forget to ring Aggy!

‘Hey how are ya doin’ …Sorry you can’t get through …Why don’t you leave your name and your number…and I’ll get back to you!”

In some kind of bizarre way this song (Ring, Ring, Ring by De La Soul, TD) is the thing that comes to my mind when I look at this picture of Agyness Deyn. The sweaterdress is to blame for this! This design from Jeremy Scott is just to hilarious.