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Thursday Treat: Pure Italian flavours at 5&33

5-33_3Did you know that the Art’Otel in Amsterdam has more to offer than stylish rooms and a massive cocktail lounge? Its restaurant, 5&33, is one you should keep in mind.

If you are an adept of pure Italian flavours, but served in a design savvy surrounding, this is your place. We were there about a week ago with a party of three, started with a few cocktails and the ‘Grand selection of cured meats and cheeses’ (with serrano ham, breasaola, mortadella, parmesan, testun al barolo, blue goat’s cheese and manchego). 5&33 is perfect for shared dining, which was exactly what we were up for. We let the chef serve us his signature dishes:


Zuchini fritti
Burrata with heritage tomatoes and basil

Goat cheese ravioli with aubergine, pine nuts and basil
Maccheroni, olives, anchovies, capers, cherry tomatoes & ricotta salata


Herb-roasted salmon & green bean, avocado salad


Affogato, vanilla & chocolate
Strawberry tart, lemon ice cream
Chocolate & pecan cake, yoghurt ice cream

5-33_5 5-33_6 5-33_7

A good burrata is always a pleasure, so that one was quite popular with our table too. Goat cheese can be difficult for some, because it can have such a strong taste, but the goat cheese ravioli just melts on the tongue. The macheroni was very hearty but a nice dish we might want to try at home some time.

Usually we rarely eat salmon in a restaurant, since it has become such a common fish. Though this preparation in a herb crust (a bit spicy) was a welcoming change. And if we even lacked Omega3 fats, this was promptly resolved with the avocado salad on the side.

The preferences for the desserts differed (we al had our favorite), yet concluding a copious and cosy dinner like we had with a scroppino is always a winner

We might have said this many times, but what we like so much about Italy -and the Italian cuisine in particular- is all evolves around ‘taste’. Once a dish contains the best quality ingredients, you don’t need to add anything else or pull tricks to make it better. The Italians have an innate talent for keeping food pure and simple. Count restaurant manager Fabrizio’s sense of hospitality on top of that, and a lovely evening is assured.

5&33 -Meet us at the corner
Martelaarsgracht, 5 – 1012 TN, Amsterdam
Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks, from 6.30 am to 1.00 am weekdays & 6.30 am to 2.00 am weekends

Make your reservation here.

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