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Lady1If you love cats and you’re planning a trip to London be sure to pay a visit to London’s famous cat cafe! Situated in London’s hipster neighbourhood Shoreditch, ‘Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium’ is a walhalla for cat aficionados.

Lady Dinah’s mission is to provide a calm, quiet and unhurried space in the busy metropolitan city of London, where people can be people and cats can be cats.

Lady2 Lady3

Entering Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium feels like stepping into a classic English tea parlour in the late ‘50s. The upstairs room is a bright little space, covered in flower wallpaper and lots of cat memorabilia. The downstairs basement is a cozy space with ceiling-high bookshelves and big old fashioned armchairs that allow guests to kick back and enjoy a good book.Lady5 Lady6

The cafe is home to ten cats, who are all spoiled, fluffy and very cheeky! Some will allow you to pet them and play with them while others like to enjoy a good nap in the bookshelves. The cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or have afternoon tea. Lady Dinah’s also sells various cat souvenirs, such as kitty nail stickers, fridge magnets, cat face coin purses and cat printed scarves. Basically all the necessities in life.


Every Wednesday evening the cafe hosts Cat Yoga lessons. (Yes, it’s a thing.) Run by an experienced instructor (not the cats, promise), these intimate sessions last for an hour and include complimentary tea and biscuits. After the lessons, there is time to hang around and play with the cats of course.

We recommend to make a booking beforehand, as the spaces fill up quickly!

Text: Isabelle Disse

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