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Wednesday Wannahave: Diamond Light by Studio Diederik Jonkers

WW_diamond_light1Film freaks, book buffs, designer-mad fashion heads, food fanatics; they’re all among us at The Digitalistas. We usually come up with the newest fashion wannahaves or lifehacking gadgets, but this time it’s time for something completely different. We’ve grown quite fond of interior design and therefore, we would like to show you our newest designer musthave!

So a couple of months ago when on the hunt for the perfect interior, I ran into these babies: Studio Diederik Jonkers’ Diamond Lights. These minimalistic eyecatchers were designed and produced by Breda-based interior designer Diederik Jonkers. The Diamond Light consists of a metal, diamond-shaped cage including a fitting for your light bulb. Studio Diederik Jonkers recommends using an 80mm 25 Watt light bulb for a warm and gentle light – therefore one of these is delivered with your Diamond Light as well. Use your diamond light hanging from the ceiling, or as we personally prefer: lying on your desk or dressoir. A feature we love about the design is the cable; which has a cotton sleeve around it, comparable to what you usually see on flatirons.


Diamond Lights come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. They’re available in either black, copper or silver. Delivery should take place within a week’s time.

P.S. There is a special discount going on now when you order yours via the link below!

Get yours now at

Text: Manoe Dentener

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