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Storie di Stile #6

If there’s one specific place where the Catanian locals gather, it is probably Via Santa Filomena. A narrow street just around the corner from the Bellini Park and packed with various eateries.

The street on itself should be considered a hotspot as it ties the authentic and contemporary Catania: charming, lively and evolving around food and hospitality. Wether it’s classic Sicilian cuisine or a gourmet hamburger, there’s enough to choose from.


A good meal is important for the Italian, and especially for the Sicilian. It is a social happening, so expect large groups of friends hanging out at one of the terraces in the Via Santa Filomena. Even though most venues have an inviting interior and more spacious than you might think at first glance, in Summer all the action happens outside. Make sure you are on time to claim your spot for the evening!

In the remaining Storie di Stile posts we will focus on two venues we’ve stumbled upon, so stay tuned.

Storie_di_Stile_Sta_Filomena2 Storie_di_Stile_Sta_Filomena3


Check out the video of Via Santa Filomena here.

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Storie_di_Stile_Sta_Filomena6 Storie_di_Stile_Sta_Filomena1 Storie_di_Stile_Sta_Filomena7



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