Ti Sana Detox Retreat – Day Three

photo 3On my third day at Ti Sana I awoke with a smile. My day of juice fasting was over, my headache was gone, and I couldn’t wait to have a solid meal. Breakfast was a juice and banana bread, made using a homemade wholegrain flour, dates and bananas. Despite being quite dry, the other guests and I were quite enthusiastic to eat a ‘real’ meal.

photo 4Luckily the sun was shining, so we ventured on a walk to a beautiful church nearby which is 1000 years old. After climbing a few hundred steps, we had stuning views of the countryside.

For lunch, we were served my favourite meal of the trip: zucchini “pasta” with rocket pesto and tomatoes. We all gobbled it up and could have gladly eaten it for the rest of the trip! In one of our educational seminars we learned that vegetables have enzymes that can digest themselves, which makes it very easy on the body to process, and in turn cost less energy and stress to your bodily systems.  However at dinnertime, it’s better to eat cooked vegetables; they take less time to digest and therefore your body can process them before you go to sleep.

The immune system works hardest while you’re sleeping, and it can’t work to fight inflammation and disease if your body’s other systems are engaged. So, for example, if you have a big meal before sleeping, your body will spend the night working to digest the food instead of allowing your immune system do what it needs to do.

Guests are allowed to come-and-go from the Ti Sana site as they please, though it would be easier if I’d had a car as there wasn’t much within walking distance. Ti Sana does organize day trips for guests, but at a cool €280 fee I opted to skip the full-day shopping excursion.

Nonetheless, I was very happy to relax in the sun and catch up on some R&R. While Ti Sana has no outdoor swimming pool (which has me questioning what guests do in the heat of summertime), there was a Jacuzzi area and the indoor spa is open all day.

Day three’s dinner consisted of babyfood soup (yet again!) but with a delicious tofu skewer. The only downside was, despite our begging, we weren’t allowed second helpings.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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