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Wednesday Wear-Abouts



Recently I realized that when I want to ad a pop of color to my black and grey combo’s, it’s often red. And I don’t even have an awful lot of red items in my closet.

Aside from all shades black, grey and white my favorite color is blue…However, red always lifts me up. Plus, it matched my lipstick today.

What I am wearing:
Red jacket with mini leopard print from New Look (it’s an oldie but lightweight and comfy), black top with silk front from COS, my grey Levi’s Revel jeans -which I have rolled up a little while I am still considering wether to shorten them or not- and black pony hair slip-ons from River Island. The bracelets are from: H&M (very, very old rubber bands), Tokyo Jane, Project Suitcase, Hans Ubbink and Noosa (on my left wrist). The sunnies are my inseparable Ray-Ban Wayfarers.


Next Wednesday Wear-About will probably be from Paris as my gal from TGFA and I are taking a little trip to that fab city.

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