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EARTHtea3You might have noticed that we’ve added a new category in the main menu (the last one on the right): In the NOW. This is the place for everything you should know about. Today. NOW. From fresh or must-know labels, to new products, to emerging trends.

Today we kick it off with EARTH tea. Maybe some are already familiar with EARTH water. The environmentally friendly producer of mineral water, founded by the Canadian Kori Chilibeck and supported by the United Nations World Food Programme in order to provide poverty stricken people with clean drinking water and  food, as 100% of the global sales net profits go to the WFP’s humanitarian projects.
Dutch entrepreneur Patrick de Nekker came across the concept while traveling through Canada, met with Kori and started to expand the concept in the Netherlands and Europe. The rest is history.


After EARTH water there was EARTH Coffee and now EARTH tea has been officially launched during the Horecava (Dutch fair for the food-, beverage-,  and hospitaliy business).
EARTH tea is a 100% organic tea from Sri Lanka (according to MVO- and ISO qualifications), and available in 6 flavours: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Fruity Green, Lemon Green, Mint and Rooibos. The packaging is recyclable, and the bags are made from bio-degradable linen. The proceeds proces is the same as for EARTH water and EARTH coffee: “You never drink alone!”

The tea was co-produced with coffee roaster Mocca D’Or, who is also involved with the production of EARTH coffee.

More information about EARTH concepts on and

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