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Thursday Treat: Win a €50 discount card @ LITE/DARK


It’s January, which means starting with some New Year’s resolutions. Some people quit smoking; others drag themselves to the gym or, like me, start eating healthier. Lucky me, we were invited by LITE/DARK for a tasting. I have to say, on forehand I was a bit apprehensive about the whole ‘raw food’ thing, but after the tasting I had totally changed my mind.

LITE/DARK is both a juice and chocolate bar and is located at the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam. This health concept is all about organic and pure food: they create almost everything on the spot with fresh ingredients. Everything is veggie and most products are even gluten-, dairy- and sugar free. Most popular are the health shakes, which vary from fruit shakes to shakes with vegetables to chocolate shakes or all of them combined. And yes, a combination of chocolate, spinach and mango can actually be quite delicious!

Being healthy is not only about eating the ‘right’ food; it’s also about joy. The food at LITE/DARK is energizing and tasteful. And our tasting started with quite an energizing welcome drink : a Wheatgrass shot. I’ve seen people drink this shot on television (remember Samantha in Sex and the City) and most of the time they don’t seem to enjoy it. Since it’s the healthiest shot on earth, I had to try it. It’s not bad at all! And I actually felt all vigorous afterwards, like I had a very strong cup of coffee.

We tasted different Veggie Energy Shakes and Chocolate Shakes, for example one with kale, celery, cucumber, pear and parsley. A true recommendation! The chocolate shakes combined with vegetables and fruit were also very tasty. A bit like fluid chocolate cake, except this one is actually healthy.


Besides shakes, LITE/DARK offers a great deal of lunch options, like salads, wraps, quesadillas and many more. The quesadilla with sundried tomato, pesto, chili and mozzarella was yummy and so was the wrap with goat cheese, mango, chili and mint. Like we weren’t satisfied enough, LITE/DARK treated us with a selection of sweets: carrot/banana cake, brownies, fruit dipped in chocolate and everything without added salt or sugar, but still very tasty.

Favorite is the Powerball; made of dates, goji berries, almonds, guarana and coconut. Energizing and filling at the same time. A treat recommended after a work out. Having a hangover? Go for an anti-hangover fruit shake and you will feel better in no time! Go detox and get boosted at LITE/DARK!

And the good news is…we ‘treat’ you with a €50 discount card! Follow us on Instagram and drop us a mail at with the subject line LITE/DARK and tell us why you deserve this healthy boost.

Text: Sacha de Vries

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