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My Levi’s 501® memories

Levi’s  501 ®‘s 140 year anniversary also brings back some of my youth memories. The 501 ® were the It-jeans when I was 16 and we wore them as tight as possible!

I remember my girlfriends and I used to put them on by laying on the bed or the couch, and then jump up to be able to close the buttons. Probably we were craving the skinnies already, ha!

The other day we were invited at a Levi’s 501® event where we could have a pair of 501 jeans or shorts customized. Not sure if my bodyshape has changed as much, but I don’t fit in the regular 501 anymore so I opted for shorts (which is in a size 25, so still don’t get it). I have enough boyfriend jeans as it is, and I love denim shorts in Summer.

In order to celebrate the 140 years of their iconic model, Levi’s® introduces a non-denim 501® collection which consists of jeans in the colours: ivy green, true chino, charcoal blue and mineral red, and showcases the 501 spirit in an inspiring online photo gallery.

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