Hotspot: The Flour Shoppe, Ottawa

While on holidays last week in Ottawa, Canada, I stumbled upon an adorable cupcake store that’s aptly named The Flour Shoppe. It was grey and rainy outside so I couldn’t help but make my way in, then picked up cupcakes as a small treat for my best friend (and host during my holiday).

It was difficult to select the flavours, as they are all mouth-wateringly delicious! I opted for chocolate mint, vanilla bean and toasted coconut lime. Other yummy choices ranged from chocolate peanut butter and earl grey to vanilla bean latte and chocolate raspberry. The delicious cupcakes are made using quality ingredients, like farm fresh butter and milk, pure vanilla and rich chocolate.

Cupcakes are hugely popular in North America (and have been for a while). If you find yourself in Ottawa, be sure to check out an original purveyor of cupcakes at The Flour Shoppe.

The Flour Shoppe
617 Bank St (@Strathcona)
Ottawa, Ontario

Or check their website

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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