Digitalistic style: Dev

You may have heard her on Like a G6 by Far East Movement or her latest song In the Dark, but performer Dev (full name: Devin Star Tailes, TD) is also into fashion. She likes to be experimental since she didn’t grow up with much, it pushes to be creative with what comes at hand. Now it’s part of her job, but also part of being a woman as she says: “Style to me is very important. It’s fun, I am a female, so some days I feel like being on sneakers and jeans, and other days I’m on stage and I get to wear these really cool house pieces and heels and tons of jewelery.” Check the video….

Dev’s favourite fashion stuff consists of sunglasses -“Girls, if you’re too lazy to put make-up on, rock some shades”-, and her leather jacket which she matches with everything from sweats to a tutu. We’re also curious how she’ll dress up her baby girl, Emilia Lovely, born last December.

Her debut album ‘The night the sun came up’ should be released this month. In the meanwhile a new single is out with Enrique Iglesias named ‘Naked’.

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